Two de Force Movie-Synopsis
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two de force synopsis


It is 2012. The US delegation and the Chinese delegation meet in Beijing to discuss the US debt to China and all hell gets lose in a clash between these two super powers.


Writer-Director Orestes Matacena wrote the “Two de Force” story in the beginning of 2010 and everything that he wrote and was shot many months ago is happening right now in real life.  It’s kind of eerie.

Of course, “Two de Force” is a movie not a documentary.  “Two de Force” is a drama with action and humor that exercises poetic license. Throughout the story, all the political characters are seen as normal people who happen to be in powerful positions.  Orestes wanted to show how these men and women act the same way we do when they are not in front of a television camera or at a public gathering. More importantly, he explores the big picture of politics, and he questions who really pulls the political strings that govern our daily lives and ultimately determine our future.

The story does not encourage partisan politics in any way, as we allow for an array of opinions to be represented. The goal of the story is not to encourage the audience to pick sides.  Instead, the goal is to challenge the viewer to think about the big picture and how all of us are affected by the decisions of regular people that happen to be elected to office in their respective countries.  And, in this story, these "regular guys" happen to be the leaders of the two major world powers.

Normally, we only get to see what is allowed to be presented to the public at large. But, what if we could see what happens behind closed doors. . .