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LUKE STEWARD President Obama

Luke has worked in film, commercials, television and music videos in a variety of roles including track coach, doctor, news anchor, business executive and politician. Proficient in guitar, French and multiple sports, and military training as a Marine, Luke lends a wealth of worldly experience to every role he takes on. It just so happens that Luke was born and raised in Hawaii and went to the same high school as our President, Barack Obama, although they did not attend at the same time. “Two de Force” proved to be a challenge that was a perfect fit!


JESSE WANG Chinese Chairman

Jesse hails from northeast China near the North Korean border where his parents received “re-education” during the cultural revolution. He came to the United States to pursue a medical research career. However, after earning a PhD., he was cast in a national commercial and caught the acting bug...big time! His parents were immensely disappointed upon learning of his career change and demanded an explanation. Jesse simply told them an “Oscar” sounds better than the “Nobel Prize.” Jesse has appeared in numerous national and regional commercials, feature films and television programs and is also an experienced Mandarin instructor and interpreter. He is so grateful that Director Orestes Matacena gave him the opportunity to play one of the most powerful figures on the planet.


PATTY KELLEY Hillary Clinton

Patty is from Marshall, Texas, a major cultural and educational center in East Texas which was a center of the Civil Rights movement and also the “Birthplace of Boogie Woogie Music.” It's no surprise that Patty would be influenced greatly by the city's rich history. With commercials, theatre, television, voiceovers and singing roles under her belt along with a variety of sports skills, Patty demonstrates her versatility and adventurous spirit which lent themselves to a wonderful performance in “Two de Force.”


WENDY LEE Captain Yi

Wendy Lee was born and raised in Kaohsiung, Taiwan but now resides in Los Angeles. Having always been interested in martial arts and sword fighting, Wendy furthers her experience and training under the tutelage of Tae Kwon Do Master Jin Lee and Swordmaster Tim Weske. Wendy's credits include film, television, commercials, theatre and Internet series projects. Taking on roles from Ninja to bikini girl, stilt walker to Captain in Special Forces in “Two de Force,” Wendy has proven her wide range of abilities. In addition to her athletics, Wendy plays piano and dances in various styles including Ballet, Hip Hop, Salsa, Jazz, Club/Freestyle, and Swing.



There doesn't seem to be anything that Albert wouldn't try or hasn't already tried. His extraordinarily diverse background proves this! Albert was born and raised in Mexico and speaks fluent Mandarin! He plays all types of sports from baseball to soccer, kickboxing to canoeing, rollerblading to swimming, martial arts to mountain climbing. Albert loves to dance, he has weapons training, he can Yo-Yo with the best, and he even has a motorcycle AND pilot's license! And there's more that can fill up a page including a diverse resume of theatre, commercials and film. “Two de Force” proved to be a unique challenge for Albert but also an opportunity to showcase his extensive skills and experience.



Jason is a versatile actor and stunt performer. His intensity and presence lend themselves very well to his roles as police officer, soldier and especially as Secret Service in “Two de Force.” Jason's creativity doesn't stop with acting, when he's not acting he is a photographer.


MIKE McCANN General McKiernan

Mike has devoted his life to the art and craft of human communication through theater, sound and other visual mediums. Born and raised in Redondo Beach, Mike had an All-American upbringing, with Boy Scouts, Little League Baseball and musical training in piano and trumpet. But once Mike landed the lead in a play as a high school senior, the acting bug got him, and there was no turning back. He received a Bachelors in Theatre from Cal State University, went on to serve in the military, then produced video in the automotive industry for 25 years. While freelancing as a videographer, Mike continues to pursue acting and a host of competitive sports activities, and picking up a few medals along the way.


TIM HODGIN Vice President Joe Biden

Tim Hodgin began his career in New York doing off-Broadway and regional theatre plays and musicals, soap operas and comedy bits on shows like the Conan O'Brien show and Saturday Night Live. Since moving to Los Angeles he continues to work in theatre, film and television. Tim contributed a perfect blend of intensity, sense of humor, and a quirky combination of boyish vulnerability and take-charge attitude to the character of Joe Biden in “Two de Force.”



From piano and choir to booking and promoting a Rock band and Jazz pianist in Boston, Orna's love for music laid the foundation and served as the inspiration to study both acting and film. But it was the month-long, life-changing intensive with Shakespeare and Company that motivated her to move to Los Angeles, making the cross-country trip in a Budget rental van in eight days. Upon arrival, a new journey began, once again weaving music, acting and filmmaking. While working and taking classes at the Los Angeles Film School, and doing voiceovers and short films as an actor, Orna met the opportunity to manage Latin Jazz percussionist Francisco Aguabella. During this decade-long partnership, Orna produced a handful of indie features and documentaries while pursuing acting. Orna likes to try different types of roles including various characters in a sketch comedy show on Boston cable, graduate student, detective, 40's “damsel in distress,” accountant, aerobics instructor and head of Homeland Security in “Two de Force” to name a few. In a horror short shot at Rudolph Valentino's still intact “Falcon Lair” property in Beverly Hills, Orna got spooked when she waited upstairs, alone, for her cue to descend a set of winding stairs. While waiting, she dared herself to walk into the dark piano room, but luckily “action” was called, and she exited quickly with extreme fear nipping at her heels!


VIET WILCOTS Michelle Obama

As a tradition, the youth in the family were encouraged to sing, perform skits and recite poems at the annual family Christmas parties; this led to her first stage play and modeling gig before the age of five. Her first featured role was a daughter of a preacher in a docu-drama her uncle directed called "South by Northwest," starring Esther Rolle, and Bernie Casey. Watching these veteran actors first hand greatly influenced Viet's work ethic and understanding of acting. Her eloquence earned her a position as a State Secretary for VICA through which she traveled to Washington, D.C. to speak before politicians regarding the importance of education and resources for youth. After college, Viet gave in to her wanderlust and traveled globally. While living abroad, she began assisting backstage at the Brussels American Theater and was bitten again by the acting bug. Viet soon moved to California to study and work in film. Viet currently resides in southern California acting, producing, downhill skiing and designing gowns. Her film project, NBA, is presently gaining buzz on the festival circuit.



Los Angeles born and raised, Patti has acquired a very diverse entertainment background. As a performer Patti has enjoyed numerous stage, film, and television roles, and has had the honor of working with such actors as Martin Sheen, Burt Reynolds, Jon Voight, Chevy Chase and Sylvester Stallone. She has danced with Gregory Hines, choreographed for David Hasselhoff and entertained famous celebrities on scavenger hunts, photo safari’s and toga murder mysteries across the Greek Islands. Patti's background also includes improv and sketch comedy and recently a national radio show with Adam Carolla. Her diversity continues with directing and producing her own audio book, an action packed sci-fi international suspense story, and producing shows for clubs, the corporate world and schools. While pursuing her creative endeavors, Patti stays active in the community to make the world a better place.



Born and raised in Seal Beach, California to Cuban parents, Pablo got the acting bug early on at the age of nine. Attending Military school for eight years influenced Pablo to be an actor and certainly prepared him for his film and television roles in the Military and Law Enforcement as police officer, security guard, detective, military commander, and Secret Service Agent in “Two de Force.” Pablo worked on “The Defenders” and “NCIS-LA” and has done many commercials as well. You may have seen him in a McDonald's commercial. Even behind-the-scenes, Pablo has produced and also served as a military advisor on several movies. Now residing in beautiful Lake Arrowhead he continues to pursue and live his dream.



Benjamin is originally from Jacksonville, Florida. He received his BFA in Theatre Arts from Elon University in North Carolina. Benjamin's diverse background has landed him roles in film, on TV, stage and commercials. He was a lead in a film called “Spirit of '76,” co-starred on “Veronica Mars,” was a vocalist in “Smokey Joe's Cafe” with Ken Ard, and recently landed a commercial for Mercury Insurance. Benjamin's range as an actor allowed him to successfully take on the role of a Secret Service Agent in “Two de Force.”


BRITT GRIFFITH Britt, U.S. Delegate

Britt Griffith was born and raised in Southern California. Married and father of three beautiful kids (two of them are twins), he still loves blowing up stuff, driving fast and jumping out of planes. His interest in the paranormal began when he was a teenager, personally experiencing paranormal activity at home with his parents and leading him to explore the paranormal on a more professional level. Eventually Britt joined an organized paranormal investigative group in 2003. In 2007, he helped form the TAPS West Coast home team where he is also an instructor, and he joined SciFi's Ghost Hunters as an investigator. Britt owns a hearse and an ambulance which he equipped specifically for mobile investigations. Britt has pursued regular jobs while exploring the paranormal along with acting. He has weapons and martial arts training, and his experience on set also made him a valuable asset behind the camera on “Two de Force.”


LEE CHEN Chinese Special Forces

Lee Chen is from China and has returned to acting after ten-year absence to focus on raising her two sons. During her childhood in China, Lee was the lead performer in Chairman Mao's Propaganda Performance Troupe. When she came to the U.S for graduate school, she had been involved in theatre and dance in Chicago, Honolulu and Los Angeles. She played lead roles in Beijing Opera, Japanese Butoh, Balinese Kecak and mainstream American plays such as "M" Butterfly" and "Twelve Angry Women," and in over 40 dance and theatre productions. She toured her original one woman show "Life Flies" about her life growing up in communist China and becoming an actress in the US. In 2000, Lee toured with Beijing Kung Ju Opera Troupe in 26 cities in America and Canada. She has appeared in TNT' s "Southland", web series "After Hours the Series", Chinese-American TV Pilot "Women Don't Fall From the Sky, “ Columbia University MFA project "After School" and two commercials (USCIS and Chinese Soy milk). Lee has a MFA in Theatre from University of Hawaii and a MA in Education from New Mexico University and a BA in English Language and Foreign Literature from China. Lee is thrilled to be part of "Two De Force" shooting the machine gun! She thanks her family and friends for all their support!!!


KEVIN TEH Chinese Satellite Operator

Born in Canada and raised in Singapore, Kevin was involved in a myriad of theater and musical productions from a young age. In 2010, he relocated to Los Angeles, California. In just a couple of months he booked roles in multiple feature and short films. A firm believer in the importance of being versatile, Kevin also does voice-over and hosting work. He is fluent in Mandarin and Cantonese dialects. Kevin has earned the title "The Kevin" when hired on his first project in Los Angeles. His last name "Teh" was always missed by spell-check programs which would automatically change it to "The." The assistant working on credits couldn't find a way around it so she credited Kevin as "The Kevin" – and it stuck. Kevin also has a unique and infectious laugh which his friends endearingly named "The Kevin." This quirky, easy-going actor with a fun demeanor shows his range in “Two de Force” portraying a Satellite Operator for the Chinese Chairman.


ANGELA WEECH US Marine Satellite Operator

Angela is a native of Minnesota and studied at Brigham Young University. She was lured by Los Angeles’ artistic energy and painless weather. Angela has a wonderful comedic spirit, having acted in the short film The Three Bilinguals, and on stage in The Marriage Memoirs at the L.A. Comedy Fest. In “Two de Force,” Angela demonstrates her dramatic side as the Satellite Operator under pressure to perform her military duty under direct orders from the head General. Angela is fluent in Spanish and speaks with a flawless accent having lived in Argentina for a couple years. In her spare time, she enjoys tap dancing and aggravating the neighbors with her drum set.


TONY LAM Chinese Chairman's Aide

Growing up in Hong Kong, Tony worked as an actor for the Shaw Brothers Studio, owned by Shaw Brothers (HK) Ltd., which was the foremost and the largest movie production company in Hong Kong. Tony decided to pursue a career as a physician and earned his title as Dr. Tony Lam, practicing both western and eastern medicine for many years. He has published several medical books and journals in China and the United States. He recently wrote a book called “Life Like a Dream.” Now that Tony has retired from medicine, he as decided to return to acting and joined the cast of Two de Force as the Chinese Chairman's Aide and occasionally the “on set doctor.”



Anthony Chang, son of an influential army officer, was born in the Chinese Hubei province and spent his first six years of life with hundreds of surrogate uncles who were under his father’s command. This exposure to the military certainly lent itself to a wonderful performance as a powerful General in “Two de Force.” A gifted writer and speaker, enjoyed the spotlight of being an articulate political science scholar and drama club member at the National Chenchi (Political Science) University. Anthony immigrated to the US in the late 70s with his family and set aside his love for acting for twenty years, until an opportunity was presented to him to step in as producer and host of the first-ever LIVE phone-in talk show on Chinese cable television. Anthony has not only shared his talents on many radio shows, commercials, and films, but is a gifted storyteller and poet.